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This site is the home of the St John’s College Robert Graves Trust. It also hosts the Robert Graves Society and Gravesiana. The St John’s College Robert Graves Trust was set up at St John’s College, Oxford, as a research body for Robert Graves life and work, and accepts Robert Graves papers. The St John’s College Library holds an important body of manuscripts and letters including the Beryl Graves Bequest which comprises Robert Graves’s “working library” as well as the manuscripts, letters, and documents which were present in the Robert Graves house when Mrs Graves died in 2003. The website contains bibliographical data, media resources, images, diary entries, extra links, and much else.

Graves Holdings Database Search, also reached through the main link, is a starting point for searches for Graves manuscripts and letters and is slowly building to become a world wide search engine. It contains the locations and brief descriptions of collections in libraries world-wide both of letters in and letters out between Robert Graves and his correspondences, as well as prose and poetry manuscripts, documents, photographs, press cuttings, etc. It contains links to the holding libraries and collection references.

Robert Graves Society

This site is hosted by The Robert Graves Society is a spin off from the St John’s College Robert Graves Trust, and it organises biannual International Conferences on the author and which are a meeting point of academics and experts on his life and work.


This site is hosted by The pages of Gravesiana and earlier Robert Graves oriented magazines such as Focus on Robert Graves and Robert Graves and his Contemporaries. At present it requires registration (e-mail) but it contains a world of articles on the author and his contemporarries.

The Robert Graves Diary (1935-1939) – University of Victoria

The University of Victoria (British Columbia), in addition to an important collection of letters and manuscripts has an on-line version of the diary which Graves kept between 22 February 1935 when was in Deià until the 6 May 1939 when he was in the USA and separated from Laura Riding. In the diary he describes his life in Deià , the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, and his wanderings between England, Switzerland, France and North America, his friends, his work, and much else.

First World War Poetry Digital Archive – Robert Graves

This digital archive contains military documents, manuscripts of poems, and letters from Graves written during the war to Edward Marsh, Siegfied Sassoon, and Wilfred Owen.

National Portrait Gallery – Robert Graves

Paintings and images of Robert Graves held by the National Portrait Gallery

Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation, Chicago, Website for all poetry lovers. An article on Robert Graves, a short bibliography and a small selection of poems by him.

Ayuntamiento de Deià

The Deya Town Hall website with plenty of valuable local infomation, maps, etc.

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